YOUR body

No matter how you believe humans got here, spontaneous population, Adam and Eve, Evolution, Big Bang, or that we were imported from Mars we can generally all agree the human body is pretty smart. But why do we seem to think we are smarter? Why do we contradict the body’s natural processes?

The body does what it has to do, and tells the brain what it needs from the outside environment, with me? Examples:

  •  Low on energy> hungry feeling> you eat> feeling goes away & body functions optimally

We pretty much have the above on lockdown, but the next one not so much…

Another more controversial example is injury:

  • Abnormal stress on the body (sprain, strain, bruise, scrape, etc.)
  • SWELLING BEGINS, this brings blood to the area… on purpose, in order to initiate the healing process. The body needs the blood and inflammation to heal properly

So why do we ice? Why do we override the body?

Simply it feels good, cools the area, and brings a more natural or normal appearance. The less swollen appearance brings the illusion of an unharmed joint.

BUT you know what is best for you, and ice has a time and place. Just some food for thought. Articles attached below for more information…

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