The tip of the iceberg.

I don't like calling it "my" eating disorder or talking about diagnosis because that implies ownership, and I have not chosen to own a mental health challenge. To be crystal clear, NOBODY has chosen a mental health challenge. I will however take ownership of my choices both while I was symptomatic and now, while I [...]

A comprehensive, but not exhaustive list of what you must and must NEVER earn.

I am the absolute first person to give out a perfectly comprehensive list of what the universe owes you. It is blank. You are owed nothing. But there is a vast difference between what you are owed by the world and what you are required to earn. Those are 2 opposite ends of a spectrum. [...]

Food Things

Recently I have had an increased amount of people reaching out to me asking information about meal plans, macro tracking and "dieting." First of all let me tell you how dumb I think the word "diet" is... we all have a diet, it is what we eat every day. An uncomprehensive list of things the [...]

The “L” word

It starts with "L", 4 letters long and people sort of freak out over it. No, not l-o-v-e, actually I am thinking l-u-c-k. luck noun 1. success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions. verb 1. a chance to find or acquire. Luck relies on chance, at least in the [...]